Our expert normally reaches the customers place within 2 hour’s from the time of booking. If there is any delay from the allotted slot, a call is given in prior to inform our customers. We do buy painting materials on request at the MRP of the particular item itself. However, we do not insist that only we purchase the item. The customer can also purchase and provide the painting materials to our providers All are serviced providers are well trained and experienced with a minimum experience of 5 years.

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For major tasks (jobs taking more than 2 hours), we proceed only after we get the approval of the customer regarding the estimate of material or additional labor that might be required. Paint includes coating systems materials, primers, emulsions, enamels, stains, sealers and fillers, and other applied materials whether used as prime, intermediate, or finish coats. Painting work must be done by a firm having not less than 10 years' successful experience incomparable paintingrestoration/ rehabilitation projects and employing personnel skilled in the processes and operations indicated. Provide primers and undercoat paint produced by the Experts to the same manufacturer as the finish coats. Primers and undercoat paints shall be made to be used with the selected finish coat. Provide the manufacturer's best quality trade sale paint material of the various coating types specified. Paint material containers not displaying manufacturers' product identification will not be acceptable. Products that comply with qualitative requirements of applicable Federal Specifications, yet differ in quantitative requirements, may be considered for use when acceptable to the contracting officer's representative. Before application of finish coats, apply a prime coat of material as recommended by the manufacturer to material required to be painted or finished and has not been prime coated by others. Finish painted surfaces shall be free of clouding due to non coverage of ground coats or surfaces to which applied. Finish coat shall match specified color. Each coat shall be applied to ornamental work in a way that will not obscure ornament and texture. The test results of our Experts shows that the paint materials do not comply with the specified requirements, stop the painting work, and remove non complying paint; repaint surfaces coated with the rejected paint; remove rejected paint from previously painted surfaces, upon repainting with the specified paint, the two coatings are non-compatible. Use corrective methods as directed. We offer cool roof painting, railing paintings, door paintings.

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